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The Erie Canal, along with all of New York’s canals, are managed and maintained by the New York Canal Corporation. These dedicated folks keep this “living museum” operating safely and efficiently, primarily with equipment that has been in use for several decades. Responsible for the 524 miles of the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor, they operate and maintain locks, bridges, drawbridges, guard gates, aqueducts and the various buildings and Lock houses on the system, in addition to many other responsibilities relating to New York’s canals.

As you cruise the Erie Canal, chances are you will see a NY Canal Corporation vessel. When we approach a Lock, we will be communicating with the Lock Master. As a commercial operator on the Erie Canal, we could not offer our cruises without the support of the NY Canal Corporation team. They are the reason the Erie Canal continues to operate year after year for nearly 200 years!

The NY Canal Corporation is now managed by the New York Power Authority. Combining effective water management and hydro-power generation, this partnership will provide a sustainable future of New York’s Canals for years to come.